Raven's Gift was the first novel of the Ausland trilogy. Now, you can also read:

Amia's Gifts, another  fantasy novel  by Tobias D. Robison

Raven, a spirited forester and hunter, is drawn into a war against an evil god in this Medieval fantasy. She must rely heavily on her foster daughter Amia, a powerful magician who claims a pleasurable relationship with their adversary. A peculiar foreigner from magical Zhourain coaxes Raven out of retirement to investigate the mysterious tyrannical god called 'Other,' although Raven, and her wisest friends, believe that Other does not exist. Adventuring's no longer a simple matter, for Raven has a five year old son, and teenage Amia is more than a handful. Why does Amia claim that Other comes to her in her dreams? And has Amia learned other spells to complement her astounding lightning spell, although she claims she hasn't? Raven has accepted the responsibility of raising Amia. The twists and turns of their mutual adventures strain that responsibility to the limit. And while she manages Amia and investigates this evil god, Raven must deal with a shocking discovery about her son. The first book in this series, Raven’s Gift, took place in Northern Ausland. This book spills over into the very different and brutal south, and into far off, tropical, magical Zhourain.

Amia's Gifts is for sale at the Kindle Store, here.

Amia's Gifts is for sale at Amazon.com, Right here. You can use the 'look inside' feature to sample the writing (Amazon has not turned that feature on yet, as of 9/22/14). Enjoy!


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